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Главная » Интернет » 3 Worst Mistakes on Social Media Promotion

3 Worst Mistakes on Social Media Promotion

ДатаДата: 17 мая 17 | | Рейтинг: Отрицательный голос 0 Положительный голос


Modern social media allows almost limitless opportunities for promotion of brands, services or products. Still, as any other promotion tool, social networks can seem worthless, if you can't use them properly. Let's analyze common mistakes of popular social services' users.


1. Sharing information with friends and actual customers only.

Many users and even companies completely ignore the promotion of their accounts. It reduces the possible effect of promotion, as all your actual followers are already aware of your products or services. Let's imagine, you're a musician, who tries to become successful. You use Soundcloud for promotion, but your account is followed by several friends only. Unfortunately, you're on the way to complete failure.

The point of social media advertising is to tell millions of users about your brand. It's not easy to create an interest-based audience, so you might need expert help. You can buy real soundcloud followers from promotion professionals. All these new followers will actually listen to your sounds and share them with their friends. It creates a snowball effect and attracts new users, who can become your followers as well.

2. Intrusive advertising.

The worst promotion in social media is direct advertising of a company or a product, which chase users all over social network. It annoys your target audience, and your brand will be associated with negative experience. Such results can hardly help your promotion. Try to add creativity to your promo and use viral content. One of the best networks for this purpose is Vine.

You create an account and make 6-seconds videos on different interesting topics. When you have enough content, you can upload viral vines with hidden message about your brand. All you need after that is just to buy vine revines and watch your advertising spreading all over social media.

3. Wrong choice of the platform.

Poor results of promotion depend not only on proper use of its techniques, but also on the choice of appropriate service. For example, the mentioned Vine is not good at promoting high-quality videos on specific topic. In this case Vimeo is much more useful. This platform unites professional community with wide sphere of interests, which can appreciate both your content and your message.

You just buy vimeo followers, who will watch and share your videos, promote your account, become a top user – and receive a perfect basis for different types of advertising. So, before starting promotion, learn the features of the chosen social network and analyze its general audience.

Most actions, done at social media, can hardly be canceled. Even slightest mistakes may cost your company money and efforts to fix the negative effect. So, using social media for fast promotion, mind all stumbling stones on your way to success.

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